Rebol is a rich, expressive language cast in a small, easy to deploy package. Abundantly versatile, Rebol reinvents how language can be used to solve complex problems.

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Rebol In Ten Steps

An overview of the Rebol Language.


Forum for Rebol with focus on the Ren-C branch.

Rebol Q&A

Rebol Questions and Answers on StackOverflow.

Red Q&A

Red Questions and Answers on StackOverflow.

Learn Rebol

Extensive Rebol tutorial covering a broad range of applications.

Rebol Forum

Question/Answer board for Rebol and Red.

Red By Example

Independent project to document the Red language.


Active fork of the Rebol 3 project wiki.

Rebol Script Library.

Reddit/Rebol | Reddit/Red

Rebol and Red on Reddit.


StackOverflow Chat

Discussion on Rebol and Red.


Red development discussion.

Community Projects

An index of projects using the domain. Just register at Free DNS to get started and add your own subdomain1.

Announcements from the Rebol community.

Live | 2015-10-13

Forum for Rebol with focus on the Ren-C branch.

Live | 2017-05-27

Public discussions from the AltME messaging app.

Live | 2014-02-28

Archive of the Rebol Forces web site.

Live | 2017-09-27

Client library to call Twitter API from Rebol.


Web view of the World Wide Reb.

Live | 2014-02-28

Proposed revision to the Rebol Script Library (a.k.a.